Friday, 6 August 2010

Still Corners

Still Corners

The latest interview for wecantmixandwedontcare! comes courtesy of London based 'Still Corners’. They play haunting dream-gaze pop that will demand and command your attention from the first note. Track ‘Wish’ may just be one of the most encapsulating and beautiful songs I have ever heard. I can’t emphasise enough how good this band are now and that they will only get better.

Who are you and where are you from?

Still Corners from England, America, and Australia

Describe Still Corners sound in three words:

Reflective, eerie, lush

Where does your band name originate from?

A Robert Frost poem

The best and worst band you have ever been compared to?

We’ve been compared to My Bloody Valentine as well as Broadcast and Stereolab which couldn’t be better compliments really. Worst band? We don’t believe in worst bands.

The strangest summation of your band and or songs?

Floating antique lace.

What’s next for Still Corners?

We’re playing out quite a bit which we really like. We’re also working on a new record due for release later this year.

Finally, who would you choose to be an honorary member of Still Corners for one night only? Tell us why and what would they do?

Most definitely film director Dario Argento. Have you seen Suspiria? I imagine he would switch instruments quite a bit or maybe he could run the projections for us, lots of muted dark colors and some odd Horror scenes. We’d like that. We’d like that very much.

Still Corners are releasing a double-A-side featuring Don't Fall in Love/Wish through Great Pop Supplement later in the year. It's bound to sell out very fast so pre-order it here soon......

You can hear more from the band and find out about their up and coming shows through their myspace here

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